Highlighting celebrities, shopping, panels, concerts, and sessions, fans will be able to find the newest and hottest in all things 80s pop culture and nostalgia.  Sponsorships range widely and can be managed fully and expertly  turnkey by NostalgiaCon’s team of experiential experts and/or agency partners as we work with numerous industry partners for every aspect of executing this event.

Come out and showcase your unique products or services and spend the weekend of September 28-29, 2019 with a unique, multi-generational fan base that just can’t get enough of what the awesome 80s represents!

To receive our comprehensive sponsorship presentation or just inquire about sponsorships, please email us sponsorship@nostalgiacon.org

NostalgiaCon Sponsorship benefits Can Include:

  • On-site event sponsorships
  • Sponsor logo inclusion in all event media and event assets
  • NostalgiaCon website advertising
  • Custom sponsorships
  • Celebrity sponsorships/appearances
  • On-site theater naming rights
  • Premium lounge sponsorship
  • Mascot/costumed character
  • Industry night grab bags
  • Sponsored fan party
  • Tickets for charity or youth groups
  • On-site banners
  • Video trailers (pre- and post-showings)
  • Company exclusives (special toys, comics, DVDs, etc.)
  • Online contests
  • Displays throughout show floor
  • Registration bags
  • Live demonstrations
  • Exclusive sales rights
  • Meet the Guest contest
  • ID badges and/or lanyards
  • Exhibit space
  • On-site sampling

It’s your thing – do what you wanna do! NostalgiaCon offers a huge selection of cool, customizable ideas to fit your needs, budget and objectives. In fact, the majority of our sponsor activations are tailored.

Please review our sponsorship deck HERE. if you need any more information you will be contacted after you submit this form.