Fire up your Instagram and grab your mullets, fishnets, and boomboxes because is hosting the world’s largest and most over the top ‘80s cosplay ever.

The decade that birthed Back to the Future, Madonna, Hulk Hogan, Max Headroom, and even Stranger Things, will be visually celebrated in an epic way with an event-wide cosplay fashion show and competition that is sure to light up social media. This instrumental part of NostalgiaCon is being produced in partnership with the veteran cosplay organization Nerd Mafia. Some of the real celebrities inspiring NostalgiaCon’s cosplay will actually be in attendance at the show (see growing talent roster here).

In anticipation of the cosplay madness and for a chance to win a free weekend pass, NostalgiaCon is urging fans to post their planned costume or look online, using the hashtag #NostalgiaCon80s.